#Animal Rights
Australian State Governments / Law makers/ Local Councils

Petition to stop the eradication of American Pit Bull Terriers and other breeds of dog due to Breed Specific Legislation in Australia, A law unfairly targetting All responsible owners.

All too often dog attacks are blamed on the American Pit Bull when, in actual fact very few attacks are by the Pit Bull, but by misidentification of 'large headed, stocky dogs'.
What Is a Pitbull??? Seems any dog that attacks according to the media!
These laws are Dangerous and threaten ALL responsible dog owners-Is your dog breed next?
Irresponsible owners should be blamed and punished and not the dogs.

We, the undersigned, As Voters call on the State Government of Victoria Australia to stop the Compulsory desexing/ban and eventual extinction(In Australia) of the American Pit Bull Terrier through Breed Specific Legislation.

It is our belief as law abiding owners that these dogs are not to blame! It is the fault of irresponsible owners and it is these owners that should face punishment and not the dogs. We believe that educating people on ownership on characteristics of all breeds of dogs, also education and most of all, supervision, of children around all dogs is the answer. All dogs bite! B.S.L is a waste of taxpayers money and will NOT Stop attacks,as proven in the U.S,U.K and Europe! Thugs will move on to the next breed of choice! At what point will this end?

Responsible owners should not suffer for the actions of a few irresponsible owners. We wish for these laws to be retracted immediately and a fairer,more humane law put in its place. Punish the deed.... NOT the breed

*Note- We have one particular fool signing and making irrelevant comments- they should give up! I will delete any unwanted signatures...This petition is serious- This person needs to get a life!

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