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Big Brother 8, can you believe that??, we have had to suffer nearly 10 years of attention seeking freaks of nature adorning oyur TV sets, as they flaunt their obvious imperfections and argue about domestic chores ( mmm, that last bit sounds like my house ).

As if that was not enough, we have to endure the horrendously excitable Davina Mccall and all those other Big Brother spin offs on Channel 4, E4 etc anaylising the far end of a fart as these pathetic specimens lounge around getting on each others tits...NOW IT IS TIME FOR US ALL TO STOP THIS DISEASE!!!!

I am calling upon you good citizens, people who can cast their mind back and remember when TV didn't have talentless wannabes strutting about like a set of losers on our TV screens every night, to call for an end to this foul embarrassing TV phenomenon.

If you are thinking of not signing this, please remember Jade Goody, this programme made her (and thankfully broke her to an extent), this kind of monster will rise again.... you have the chance to stop the rot, and sign this petition to abolish Big Brother!!

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