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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a poison to our society undermining family values that are precious to Canadian Society. By encouraging infidelity & providing an easy avenue for it while making a profit, it is supporting the destruction of families.

This not should be allowed in Canada, and such values are not what families in Canada support nor stand by. The foul smell of this company is garbage that does not belong in our society & we should not sit back & allow some money hungry so called business man to spread this disgusting venture in our society.

We cannot sit back & not do anything because we love our husbands & wives and we do not want this type of business to be profiting from operating here.

We call on families, youth, men, women that love our families & our children to sign this petition to stop the company Ashley Madison from operating in Canada.

This company is encouraging infidelity in our society & thereby a threat to our treasured family values. They are profiting from a disgusting venture that helps rip families apart.

By signing this petition you are helping us stop allowing this type of business from becoming the norm in our society. We cannot sit back, look the other way or ignore the fact that this company is wrong in spreading disgusting values in our society & the family values we stand for.

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