June 10, 2006

I was shocked and appalled by gopetition, they actually allowed a petition for pro-anorexia pages.

Do we want our youth our children our future thinking and having access to this CR*P.

All we see on tv these days are super thin super models that probabley purge to get that figure well i say enough is enough because our kids see these little sticks and think if they have to be that thin to make it onto tv i must have to be that thin to make it through everyday life and it is sick!

So get those damn pages and petitions for pro-anorexia off the net and out of reach and start telling our kids it is ok to have a little bit of meat on your bones.

oh and gopetition shame on you for letting that petition on SHAME SHAME!

Stop Petitons for pro-anorexia pages and sites that is just the wrong thing and get rid of the pages that alredy up!

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The Ban Anorexia pages petition to Everyone was written by Caisie and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.