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Slaughter Houses the the USA
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How much do you know about the pork, milk, beef, or chicken in your house? Do you know what happens to the animal to get there, on your dinner plate?

Tons of pigs, cows, horses, turkeys, and chicken are living in extremely bad conditions just so you can eat. These animals have their throats silt open or their heads chopped off while still being alive and upside down.

Chicken and turkeys (For eggs and meat). They most likely have it the worst, being cramped into small sheds by the 10,000's. Filthy sheds, walking in their own excrement and on the bodies of other dead birds. Most of them can't even walk due to steroids people use to make them grow larger. Their bones break and most die because they can't reach their food. They also die from heart attacks or lung failure. When they are being moved to a slaughter house, they are literally thrown into tiny wired boxes. Usually injuring them further, due to carelessness of people. They will often freeze to the sides of the wire boxes they are transported.

At the slaughter house, they are slapped into straps by their already brittle bones and their throats slit open while still alive. 90% of them are still alive when placed into feather removal tanks, that scaled and burn their feathers off. If you thought the males had it bad, hens are stuffed into tiny wired cages. Between 5 and 15 per box. These boxes are so small and so filled, they won't even be able to stretch a wing. The hens might go insane locked in these tiny boxes, so their beaks are removed. A chicken beck is FILLED with nerve endings that will cause them extreme pain.

Cows (Dairy and beef cows). Males are castrated, their horns chopped off, and repeatedly branded. All with no pain kills. Dehorning is a very painful and dangerous thing. USDA approves the sell of cattle with cancerous or pus pouring wounds to be sold as beef. Which can be consider tainted and unhealthy meat. Illness and injuries go untreated and uncared for. When the reach the slaughter houses, they are hung upside down, their throats slit open, and usually skinned alive.

Dairy cows have it just as bad, if not worse. They are forced to stay pregnant through almost all of their lives to keep milk producing. They are hooked up to machines that milk them, and will often injure their utters. At the end of their lives, they are either sent straight for slaughter or sold off at actions to be sent to a slaughter house. More the 1,000 cows are not able to walk off transportation trucks every year. They are still sold as human food. Most of the hamburger in the USA comes from spent dairy cows.

Pigs. Forced in tiny stalls, they aren't even allowed to turn around. The first time they will breathe fresh air, if when they are on the back of the truck. Many will go insane. Piglets have their ears mutilated, tails chopped off, teeth removed and males castrated all without pain killers. Pig who don't grow fast enough, "fall behinds". Are killed by being swung around by their feet and heads slammed into a cement floor. Like chickens, they grow so quickly they cannot walk. Many become ill or severally injured, but not put out of their misery, because as long as they are alive, they can be sold. Those who can't make it, are shot with what they call a captive bolt gun. Which shots out a bolt by compressed air, and sometimes won't kill the animal on the first strike. They usually lay in pain, screaming for mercy. Beating them with gate rods is how they are moved. It's the most common form of abuse.

They are packed so tightly in trucks, most of their legs will snap under the weight of other pigs. 400,000 pigs who are unable to walk off the truck arrive at the slaughter house each year. 100,000 arrive dead. Theses are industry figures. Most refuse to believe this, and know it's a lie. Their throats are slit while still awake. Some are burned alive in the scolding tank, used for hair removal.

I'm not doing this to say you need to be a vegetarian or a vegan. I'm doing this to ban the cruelty in the slaughter houses. These animals are going through this pain, just so companies can save a penny here and their. I hope that this will be recognized and animals will have better living conditions.

I want to ban these horrid living conditions animals go through every day for human food.

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