#Animal Welfare
Sea World
United States of America

Captivity harms marine animals. In the wild Orca whales can live between 50 and 100 years. In captivity they only live half of a normal lifespan.

Orca whales have not been known to harm humans in the wild. The only attacks to humans have been in captivity. Therefore, the behavior of Orca whales changes in captivity. They become more aggressive and violent.

Captive male Orca whales have collapsed dorsal fins. In the wild their fins are straight. Whales in captivity are separated from their family units, for example, Shamu from Sea World, was taken from her mother as a calf and the mother became very depressed.

Orca whales are highly intelligent and their brain is able to process emotions. The Orca Tillikum was regularly deprived of food, as are all marine animals in captivity, in order to perform for Sea World. Tillikum became very aggressive and attacked trainers. I was inspired by the documentary Blackfish to start a petition to end the captivity of marine animals.

We, the undersigned, call on all marine parks, including Sea World, to free all captive marine animals. Please help us to achieve this goal

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