Beauty companies, such like L'Oreal and MaxFactor.
United Kingdom

This petition is to halt the repeating use of airbrushing and Photoshop in beauty ads, with such stars like Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift and Rachel Weizs; ads for products by such companies like L'Oreal, MaxFactor and Barry M.

These digitally-altered pictures of celebs are twisting teenage girls' minds and giving them a distorted view of what they'd think is 'natural' beauty - impossibly skinny, impossibly perfect face and not a single real thing in sight!

Please sign to help this torturous tool get EXTERMINATED from ads!!

We, the undersigned, shall call on beauty companies to stop the excessive use of airbrushing and Photoshop.

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The BAN AIRBRUSHING IN ADVERTS! IT'S LYING TO TEEN GIRLS! petition to Beauty companies, such like L'Oreal and MaxFactor. was written by Joanna Cosgrove and is in the category Television at GoPetition.