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Okay! So you know how there are 2 bakugan battle brawler seasons, right? The first is when the bakugan were sent to the human world and the bakugan battle brawlers battle other bakugan to save Vestroia from Naga's clutches! The second is a newly released season. The brawlers are back! Except that the female characters: Runo, Alice, and Julie, are barely shown in there! Now... You know in Season 1, the pairing Dan and Runo, Julie and Billy are in the end of the season, right? How about some other pairings?

All we know is that Season 2 won't have much pairings, obviously! Maybe the creator should try putting SOME pairings in there! [This is an example of the couples that I LOVE: ShunxAlice! <3] A-anyways, the creator should at least put more couples in Bakugan! Or at least make a Season 3 with more pairings!

Note: If you think that this is a bad petition, I'm sorry, but I'm such a fan of Bakugan Battle Brawlers! Anyways, sign your name and also, if you want to, put the pairing that you want in the season or so!

I say...! Please sign this petition so the creator of Bakugan Battle Brawlers will put more couples that we might've wanted from the 1st season or so!

[I hear that a lot of people wants ShunxAlice. <3 yay! x3]

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