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Aberdeenshire Council - Roads Department
United Kingdom

The Corner as mentioned in the title has seen a substantial amount of crashes, even in recent years.

There has been deaths over the years and even recently serious injuries.

It is easy to blame speed, however it is a 60mph zone, and especially for someone who has never driven to road before it is very unclear the dangers this corner potentially can cause.

People of all ages and experience have crashed on this corner, even the local police recognise it as one of the most dangerous corners in Grampian.

Recently the council have received many complaints regarding his corner and have had a meeting.

The outcome, they do not wish to spend the money to install barriers or road surfacing.

The compromise is a road sign each side of the corner and possibly chevrons.

This petition is aimed to show that those who sign are unhappy with the compromise and want to see what was asked for and has been on people's minds for years;

1. Crash barriers (mainly on the embankment leading down to the tree's).

2. Road surfacing that provide additional grip, potentially in a different colour (yellow) to highlight the corner more. This can be seen further along the road on other corners which has proven to provide additional grip.

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