Eddie Bravo Invitational

EBI is one of the premier submission grappling events world wide. It has the highest quality grappling, and it deserves the highest quality commentary.

By signing this petition, you are ensuring that these viewers watching the best grapplers in the world, are receiving the best commentary in the world. Brandon "B-Mac" Mccaghren is the man to do just this.

Here are a few reasons to consider for signing this petition.

- Brandon is an Eddie Bravo 10th Planet Black Belt... Its the Eddie Bravo Invitational.... Only makes sense.

- Brandon knows BJJ. He speaks both 10th Planet, and round earth non-believers BJJ language. So whether Nathan Orchard is going Chem Trail to the marsh to sneaky kamikaze, or someone is going simply Posturing and Passing the guard, B-Mac knows whats going on.

- Finally, Brandon has a sweet, southern draw. Now most of you think "what do rednecks know about BJJ?" Well, this one knows a lot. Apparently, Northern Alabama is a hot bed for high level BJJ. Brandon is just as knowledgeable as he is funny sounding to anyone not blessed enough to live in the south.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all EBI viewers are created equal, that they are endowed by Eddie with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are heel hooks, submissions and the voice of B-Mac.

By signing this petition, you are ensuring that future generations of BJJ practitioners, viewers, and others who have the privilege of watching all EBI tournaments are receiving the very best commentary, and education of the submission grappling and combat jiu jitsu.

Don't just do this for you, do this for the sport of BJJ.

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