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Ever have your HOA Board pass a special assessment and demand that it be paid immediately without any meeting, any warning, or any explanation?

Ever been told you couldn’t paint your home a certain color?

Ever been fined for having your guest park on your street while they were visiting with you?

Ever been fined for having a few weeds pop up after a heavy rainfall?

Ever been sued by your HOA for refusing to pay these fines even when you’ve tried to remedy the situation and know they weren't justified?

Ever have legal fees mount up to 10 times what they were suing you for on top of what they fined you for?

Ever have your wages garnished by your HOA?

Ever have a lien put on your property by your HOA that becomes public record and ruins your credit?

Ever been threatened by your HOA with foreclosure if you didn't pay those fines?

I have. That is why I am starting this petition.
And, it’s why you should sign this petition if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA.

Stop the madness of out of control HOA's and their attorneys by taking away the legal ability that HOA's have to commit such crimes against the homeowners that they are supposed to be protecting!

We shouldn’t remove them completely; but we should remove their legal punch, so they can never hurt anyone again!

We, the undersigned, call upon the state of Arizona to prevent a Home Owners Association from voluntarily assigning or pledging the association's right to collect payments, fines, or assessments, or foreclose a lien to a third party, except when the assignment or pledge is made to a financial institution or lender chartered or licensed under federal or state law, when acting within the scope of that charter or license, as security for a loan obtained by the association; however, the foregoing provision prevents the right or ability of an association to assign any unpaid obligations of a former member to a third party for purposes of collection.

Subject to the limitations of this subdivision, after the expiration of 30 days following the recording of a lien created pursuant to subdivision, the lien may be enforced in any manner permitted by law, with the exception of sale by the court, or sale by the trustee designated in the notice of delinquent assessment, or enforced through judgment that permits garnishment of wages against the homeowner.

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