Property Valuation Administration -- Louisville, KY
United States of America

Our plea is simple:

Metro Louisville PVA should automatically lower our 2010 property taxes because our property values, in general, have declined. We are only asking for what is fair. Lower our tax assessments now.

(More information is available at http://ChooseBrewer.net)

Whereas, we have concluded that property values have generally decreased in the Louisville, KY area over the last two years (since Fall of 2008).

And whereas, current property taxes are directly related to current values of property (i.e.- higher value=more tax; lower value=less tax).

And finally whereas, we have not, to date, seen a broad adjustment by Metro Louisville PVA to take this historic trend into account and actually lower property taxes.

Be it resolved that we, as signers in the aggregate, hereby appeal to have our current tax assessments lowered to reflect the actual current market values of our properties.

Be it further resolved, that we do not feel that property owners should be burdened with the responsibility of proving their individual cases when the statistical evidence can be readily verified for the area as a whole. Hence, we assert that adjustments to lower tax assessments should be made automatically.

And finally, be it further resolved, that, in accordance with state law, our signatures affirm that we are each requesting a conference with the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator for the purpose of disputing the property tax assessment of 2010. If one or more signatories subsequently changes their mind about a conference meeting, this does not negate the position of other signatories.


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