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A Placental Abruption is not a rare condition!

1 in 100 women will suffer from one and why do many women not know this?

I want to raise awareness by making a leaflet specifically about the risks, signs and statistics about Placental Abruptions. I want people to know about this condition just as much as Pre-eclampsia.

Babies and women are dieing, some from just not knowing the signs!

This has to change.

Do you think 1 in 100 is rare?

No,well sign this! We need you to sign this petition to help pregnant women understand the signs and symptoms of a Placental Abruption.

A Placental Abruption is the premature detachment of the placental from the uterus. This puts baby and mother in high danger.

Babies are dying. I will not beat around the bush. I want to Raise Awareness of this condition because it's only fair we know the facts about this certain condition during pregnancy.

This petition could save lives.

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