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HM Queen Elizabeth II and the Uk Honours System
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Let’s face it, Mollie Sugden is a national treasure and a British cultural institution and therefore it is about time her services to television and the arts are recognised. Mollie is probably best known for her portrayal of Mrs Slocombe in the BBC’s Are you Being Served? (1972-1985).

From this role she was catapulted to international recognition embraced in particular by the USA where the show is still re-run. In 2002 a tribute programme called Celebrating Mollie Sugden: An Are You Being Served? Special aired on American PBS, a testement to American public’s affection for her.

With a career that began 1962 Mollie has been on our screens, on and off, for the past 42 years with her most recent role being in 2003. She has appeared in some of the greatest and iconic British comedy’s and is herself a comedy icon. Recognition for her work is long overdue – please sign this and help make Mollie Sugden a Dame. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call upon Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Uk Honours System to honour this great woman with the title of Dame for over 4 decades of service to Uk and the entertainment industry.

For too long now Mollie Sugden has gone unrecognised for her contribution to British Culture and so we urge those who make these awards to consider this most sincerely.

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