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Awak Suka Saya Tak Season 2, Awak Suka Saya Tak Raya & Awak Suka Saya Tak CNY

1-Unlike other local dramas, ASST storyline has captured the hearts of many audiences from all ages, different races, background, culture and walks of life. It has created a new phenomenon in which it managed to attract many Korean Drama lovers as well.

2-The storyline has its own authenticity. A beautiful message about a unique relationship of two individuals. A man and a woman from different races but yet united because of their love for Islam and each other. It is more than a love story because the story also touched on other aspects of life. Family, religion, unity and respect among the community despite of races, religion and culture.

3-The drama left us with many meaningful, sentimental and warm values. Even though the drama cannot be interpreted as detailed as the novel, we felt that the last 4 episodes were cut quite abruptly. The transition between Damien Yong to Hilman was not explained in a smooth way as if too many scenes were cut. Referring to the previous 16 episodes of ASST, we would like to request for the 2nd season where it can be continued from the day Hilman fell from the horse. It will be good to have more comprehensive flash back scenes on how Hilman gain back his memory.

4- For ASST Season 2, it will be great to also watch Intan and Hilman’s life as a married couple, Intan’s challenges as a wife to a Muslim convert and their roles as parents to their 2 beautiful daughters.

5- Both Alvin Chong and Emma Maembong are naturally good looking, handsome and beautiful respectively. Besides that, they have shown professionalism, commitment and success in playing the roles given to them. Alvin is a Chinese himself and it is not difficult for him to play the roles as Hilman or Damien naturally. Alvin and Emma managed to mesmerize the audiences by portraying a cute, sweet looking young couple with strong opposite characters but yet managed to attribute some romantic qualities in them. Many audiences were carried away with the characters they played due to their outstanding acting skills. They are the reasons why this drama was a hit. Due to their good looks and sincerity of playing the roles with success, many viewers are looking forward to watch more of ASST.


6- Alvin and Emma have strong fan base due to their outstanding achievements in the phenomenal "Awak Suka Saya Tak?" Mostly cannot move on and would like to see the continuation. After ASST drama ended, many fans requested to Astro through Instagram by tagging @astrogempak. Hope our requests will be highly considered.

7-We strongly believe with the new storyline and interesting plots in ASST Season 2 (such as challenges of living together despite different cultures, touching on society or community issues), this drama will definitely be a hit.

8-This drama is suitable to be viewed by audiences from all ages, different races, background, culture and walks of life. It will be a good contribution and example to the Malaysia multiracial society.

9-With reference to Bambam Studio Votes at Twitter, majority voted for ASST Drama to have its Hari Raya Version. The voting results for ASST was 51%, out of the 10 thousand people who voted. From here it was proven and Astro can actually realize that ASST was definitely phenomenal.

We the undersigned, would like to request for ASST Season 2, ASST Chinese New Year & ASST Hari Raya.  Please remain Alvin Chong & Emma Maembong as the hero & heroin for this drama because they have such outstanding talents, compatible, good chemistry on and off screen. This drama will definitely be one of the highest rating drama in the history of Malaysia.

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