#Neighborhood Living
Town of Florida
United States of America

December 28, 2005

As per the current town code, signs are posted on residenial streets allowing "no parking" or "one hour parking" only, whereas, discouraging residents to report a strange car to the police for fear of being ticketed themselves or causing that part of the street's resident vehicles to be ticketed even though we as residents live here and have full right to be here.

Residents' vehicles of Surf are being, or can be ticketed for parking past one hour on the street in front of their residence.

The ordinance should allow resident vehicles to be distinguished from visiting vehicles by means of an identifying sticker on the windshield which can be purchased for a one-time nominal fee at our city hall.

We, the residents of Florida, want the town to issue identification stickers to each and every Surf resident who parks their vehicle or their company vehicle on a street in Surf; the sticker to be for the purpose of identifying and distinguishing the resident's vehicles from those vehicles parked on residential streets while their non-residents are visiting the Surfside business district or beach area.

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