Hon Martin Dixon: Minister for Education

Statistics indicate detectable autism in young children is steadily rising; putting greater stress on Victorian welfare, health and educational services. Autism is recognised as a chronic disease without a cure, all efforts are made to manage autism through specialist education, speech and occupational health treatments with promising results.

Early intervention and Autism schools offer children with autism specialist learning and important preparation into our society. This is vital for successful inclusion into mainstream schools and communities.

The benefits of having a localised Autism school in Sunbury include:

•Provision of quality education for students with autism across Northwest Melbourne suburbs

•To meet future demands for an Autism school due to urban growth areas in North west Suburbs

•Stronger support for local mainstream schools in the Northwest Melbourne suburbs

•Better connection with the surrounding community ECIS facilities and services

•Higher community participation, understanding and inclusion

•Reduced travel times and distance for Northwest suburb students and families

•Use of existing buildings on Jacksons hill, on the current educational site

•Close proximity to Macedon Ranges Specialist School and Sunbury Primary School

•Excellent transport links to and from Sunbury

You can make the difference!

All children with autism deserve a quality education and community inclusion. The more people who respond to this petition will help children with autism to secure a successful educational and community future.

We the undersigned call upon the Victorian State Government to commit Educational funding towards an essential Autism school on Jacksons Hill, Sunbury.

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