North Santaim School District
United States of America

Thomas Buckley is an 11 year old boy with ADHD, PTSD, Autisms & PDD. After Thomas went through a summer program (just for kids like him) durning 2006 for 3 months, the Stayton Intermediate School said that they couldn't meet Thomas's needs.

The North Santiam School District would like to send him to a school in Lyons OR. Thomas lives in Stayton and his brother, sister and friends all go to Stayton Intermediate school.

No child left behind! How can a school say that they can't meet a child's needs, isn't that what an IEP and theLlearning Resource Center is for? Thomas has an full IEP and Stayton Interemdiate School has a Learning Resource Center, but the school sill turned him away. Thomas is on the right medication and has a great support team.

We, the undersigned, want Thomas' return to Stayton Intermediate School, and we feel he can achieve in a regular school setting, he just needs that chance! We petition to covince the North Santiam School District, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, THANK YOU!

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