Hon; Peter Garrett minister for the environment.

Australia has been overrun with feral pests like the Canetoad, Fox, Rabbit, European carp, Pig, Wild dogs and cat, Indian Myna etc.

These pests cause enormous damage to farmers as livestock is killed by wild dogs and foxes. Many farmers can not afford the time and money to kill these pests and they wear the financial losses these pests cause.

A bounty of $10 for cats, dogs, pigs, foxes, rabbits, European carp, Indian myna would be a good start to clean up these pests and help our environment.

The price per pest would increase on scarcity and heavy fines and jail would occur if anyone was breeding up these pests to claim a high price for the pest killed.

A bounty for the canetoad could start at 20 cents each and every canetoad would be turned into fertiliser as well as the European carp which is now a garden fertiliser called Charlie carp.

The pelts of Rabbits and foxes could be made into coats,hats etc and the bodies could be turned into blood n bone fertiliser.

We the undersigned call on environment minister Peter Garrett to introduce a bounty on non native pests Australia wide in order to protect our environment and exterminate these pests for good.

Please sign if you would like to see Australia free of these destructive pests.

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