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No more , no never no more will we tolerate a foreign head of state for Australia. We have matured enough to control completely our own Constitutional process.

With over 65%+ in opinion polls showing a constant demand for a Republic, lets have a full Referendum which under the current constitution is loaded against us with the absolute majority of voters and three quarters of the anachronistic States required to succeed.

If we cannot get the change peacefully we may have to go down the alternative road and set up the Republic, not by a coup but by the imposition of force of numbers, ie the voting majority.We are fed up with the 5th column monarchist supporters who keep betraying us and our Republic destiny; ie all Loyalty to our country Australia and down with the traitors.

We the undersigned demand the Federal Government hold a full referendum within the next 6 months, on the subject of Australia becoming a Constitutional Republic of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The questions:

1) Should Australia change to a Constitutional Republic?

2) Should the Head of State be elected ?

3) Should the Head of State be called a President, whose office is symbolic (not executive) and whose powers, role, responsibilities and duties shall be codified (written down)?

4) Should the Prime Ministers powers as in 3. also be written down to avoid claims of mandates.

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