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The rate of childhood obesity in Australia (and the world) is at an all-time HIGH. The Government should allow children's sporting expenses up to $1500 per annum, per child as a Tax Deduction to assist struggling families in involving their children in sporting groups and fitness activities eg. swimming lessons, dance, group sports etc.

This would help keep children active, fit and healthier, and overall, mean a huge reduction in health care costs for the associated problems that obesity incurs in children and adults. Statistics show that by the year 2020 (only 10 years away), that approximately 80% of adults will be considered "obese"! And this will mean a huge drain on medical and health care providers as there is a long list of associated problems with being overweight and obese. Please support this campaign, as we will all benefit.

We don't want to hear "The Rich get Fit, and the Poor get FAT"!

We, the undersigned, request the Australian Federal Government allow children up to the age of 16's sporting expenses as a Tax Deduction to a limit of $1,500 per annum, per child.

This would be not only a huge help to the struggling families in this country, who cannot afford the immense cost of sporting activities, but also assist in keeping children fit, active and healthy.

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