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Many have acknowledged that the extremely talented actor Cillian Murphy often is seen in side roles. Since the tv series Peaky Blinders had it’s premiere, his fan base has increased at the speed of lightning. A topic that often comes up alongside his name is the fact that he Is very underrated, also that it’s a shame that he does not very often play a main character. We think it’s time for this great actor to get more screen time! Sign this petition if you as well want to see him do bigger roles, preferably as the main character.
Let’s shine some light on this brilliant actor!
In the handful of movies and many episodes that we’ve seen him in, his acting just keeps on handing out more surprises. It would be such a tragedy if we won’t get to see what more he is capable of. I’m sure a has many more tricks up his sleeve.

We, the undersigned are coming together to shine a light on Cillian Murphy’s brilliant acting.
The goal is to spread this and hopefully reach such a huge number that our wants will be seen by people that can make a change.
Let’s make headlines.

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