Malcolm Turnbull
Health Ranger

Vaccine side effects are enough proof !4 times the amount of Mercury to a newborn it is enough to kill them swell there brain and the proof is never ending so are side effects

SAY NO TO VACCINES STOP THE POISONING OF OUR CHILDREN! Would you give your newborn harmful poisons ? No I’d say Not any sane loving parent would. So why do we allow a stranger at there birth to inject lethal poisonous vaccines into our beautiful little beings from birth ? Then to get told , forced to keep poisoning them .Back time after time for more .lethal amounts .of unnecessary illnesses or Death . Yet we as loving parents ,spend our whole life Loving, nurturing and protecting them from harm . Well Action needs to be taken no one has the right to tell you what your precious child needs except you ! Actions Speak Louder Than Words please sign and take action against this culling and dumbing down of the good people of this world and our youth .

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