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On July 14, 2020 the CDC released information from the Journal of the American Medical Association that wearing a cloth face mask or covering will greatly reduce the spread of Covid-19, particularity preventing the virus from spreading by those who are already infected. It has also been recommend that a covering be worn when a distance of six feet cannot be kept in any environment which is near impossible to practice safely and properly when on an airplane. In order to further prevent the spread of this virus, several airlines have taken to industrial cleaning methods between flights and on layovers using hospital grade disinfectants and even UltraViolet light sources to identify potentially infected areas on board.

Over the last five months your frontline family has been fighting relentlessly to keep the public safe while traveling at 36,000 feet. While there is no exact number of how many fellow aviators have fallen ill or lost their lives to this pandemic, we are growing increasingly worried about our safety Inflight. Although some airlines have made wearing a face mask a requirement, we are still facing a high number of non compliant passengers who not only endanger passengers around them but crews as well. Airlines are asking their flight crew to act as law enforcement on board and we are met with retaliation and in some cases, violence. The policy of the airline alone is not enough to encourage passengers to wear a mask when failure to comply only results in a temporary ban which does not prevent travel on a separate airline. We need the Federal Aviation Administration to mandate the masks to eliminate non compliance and set precedence to indefinite loss of air travel privileges upon review of serious offenses resulting in diverting, threat level lockdowns and law enforcement meeting the aircraft. Right now we are fighting this pandemic alone but with the help of the FAA, crew and passengers will feel more obligated and empowered to report non compliance.

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