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For a long time now At&t/Bellsouth has been able to control us and basically make us use their phone services. Fact is that they own all of the phone lines that even other service providers use when giving service. If we stand down and do nothing to stop them from treating us like we really don't matter they will continue to do this.

Recently and even in the past more and more customers have had problems with their phone service and At&t/Bellsouth seems to want to take their time to rectify the issues. But yet and still they want the payments made on time or they will shut your services off.

Fact is we have our services for many reasons, weather that be emergency or personal uses, and if you are unable to use them then why should we be liable to have to pay for them.

We, the undersigned, wish to petition At&t/Bellsouth to eliminate the long wait times to get services back up and running properly and that the lines be not just repaired if they are indeed in need of being replaced.

We also ask that the cell phone towers be repaired and that we are able to use our phones without having so many dropped calls because of service issues.

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