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Apple Computer

Since the advent of Mac OS X, Apple Computer has promised support for all G3 and G4 machines which they originally manufactured with the exception of the original PowerBook G3. Many of these computers use the Rage Pro or Rage IIc chipset for hardware graphics acceleration. Apple has unfortunately neglected to included real drivers for these GPUs, thus leaving 2D and 3D elements unaccelerated in OS X. As a result, many applications, including the Finder, run slowly, resulting in a decrease in user productivity and ease-of-use. This omission does not represent true support on the behalf of Apple Computer and thus fails to fulfill its promise to consumers.

We, the undersigned, petition Apple Computer to include real and working drivers for ATI Rage Pro and Rage IIc graphics processing units. This includes 2D and 3D hardware (non-CPU) acceleration with the fullest possible acceleration of both Quartz and OpenGL.

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