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UKBA, Home Office & Immigration Minister
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Asylum NOW for Proscovia – Ugandan Lesbian Activist standing for freedom and justice.

Stop deporting LGBT activists to persecution and death. Amnesty now for all immigrants – no more second class citizenship.

Proscovia is an open lesbian activist and a member of the Movement for Justice - a leader fighting for the rights and equality of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and for equality for everyone who faces discrimination and injustice. She is a refugee from Uganda where the LGBT community faces constant persecution and lives with the threat of death, where homosexuality is illegal and MPs in the ruling party are proposing a bill that would introduce a death sentence for lesbians & gay men. 

Like so many lesbians in nations where homosexuality is persecuted, Proscovia faced intense pressure to conform and to marry; she had to keep her relationships secret and lived in constant fear of discovery. 

Proscovia came to Britain after experiencing torture and rape. Now in Britain she is fighting for her right to stay, to be free from persecution and abuse, to live and love openly. She is fighting a Home Office asylum system that refuses to accept the truth about the danger facing LGBT people in Uganda and elsewhere and routinely deports asylum seekers to countries where they face torture or death.  

BE at Proscovias hearing Wed 11 April 2012: http://www.facebook.com/events/301712633233655/

Hear Proscovia speak...

Proscovia must stay.

We demand that she is given the immediate right to Asylum in Britain.

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