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This petition is regarding the ballots sent to Vista Villas Townhome owners on January 10th, 2007 in support of the association's annual meeting. Included was a memo from the Chairman of the Finance Committee concerning the monthly HOA fee increase for unit painting and/or roofing repairs.

An assessment ballot was sent giving home owners only two voting options that both support the monthly HOA fee increase. There was not an option given to vote against the fee increase.

We feel that the assessment ballot is unfair and misleading to the homeowners. Homeowners are lead to believe they must choose a fee increase option 1 or option 2. Nowhere in this assessment ballot does it state that the homeowners have the option to vote against the increase.

Additionally, there was a great lack of financial details and extensive research presented to the homeowners supporting this fee increase for the unit painting and/or roofing repairs.

We, the undersigned, call on the Vista Villas Association Inc. Board of Directors to delay both the decision and assessment voting on the units painting/roofing repairs until all homeowners are given substantial research data, comparison contract bids, and more extensive financial details surrounding the decision to increase the monthly HOA fee.

We request that the current ballots be considered null and void and that new ballots be issued containing atleast a third option for the homeowner to vote against a monthly HOA fee increase.

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