#Animal Welfare

Walmart is a widely known company, with countless people going through its doors daily. While they sell free-range eggs online, they only carry the product in select stores.

Free-range eggs are a step towards eliminating the cruelty to egg-laying hens, eliminating the battery cages they are normally in. While a free-range remains frowned upon for being not much better than the battery cage lifestyle, we are requesting that Walmart sell these eggs in ALL stores, not just select ones and online, in hopes that people will take interest in the product and do some research on it.

It is our hopes that in this research, they learn about the cruelty in the egg industry and take steps towards adopting a more compassionate diet.

We also would like to encourage Walmart to carry vegetarian and vegan food options in the freezer section of ALL stores, not just a certain few. With the growing number of vegetarians and vegans out there, we would like this company to set a good example by providing them with more options.

We who have signed would like to ask Walmart to carry free-range eggs in not just select stores or online, but in ALL of their stores nationwide. We would also like to request that Walmart carry more vegetarian and vegan food options in the freezer section of ALL stores.

By making this decision, your company would have the chance to set a good example for others and lead the pack. It would also attract more business, with a variety of people concerned about animal welfare visiting your stores to purchase these items.

Please take into consideration our comments and suggestions, and we hope that you will make the right decision for the animals, the people, and your company!

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