#Consumer Affairs
City of Buchanan Georgia
United States of America

For a long time Buchanan Georgia residents have had only two choices either get dish or Spectrum formally Charter. We wish to partition the city of Buchanan not to renew their franchise contract with Spectrum and to form no new franchise contracts with other providers. We want this so, we can be free to choose other providers that maybe more economical to our situation. Thank you, sincerely we the people of Buchanan Georgia.

Currently the city of Buchanan Georgia has a franchise contract with Spectrum formerly Charter . This gives the resident of Buchanan two choices to either get dish and have poor connection or use Spectrum for a steady connection. If you would like for other internet and cable providers to be able to provide service in our area please sign this patiton. Buchanan residents only please, thank you.

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The Ask that Buchanan not renew their franchise contract with Spectrum and to have no other franchise contracts with other Internet or Cable providers petition to City of Buchanan Georgia was written by Angelica Pilgrim and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.