Those who believe in providing support for in-need adult autistics and families affected by autism.
United States of America

We would like to propose that Michelle Obama meet with Shannon Des Roches Rosa and Jennifer Byde Myers, two parents representing two different autism families' perspectives, and Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg and Lindsey Nebeker, two adults on the autism spectrum, to discuss creating an Autism Corps so as to address one of the most pressing needs of autism families and adult autistics: one-to-one in-home support.

While autism shouldn't be demonized, we need to be frank: having a child with autism is more stress than some families can handle, and being an autistic adult can be extremely difficult without in-home support. There often aren't enough trained professionals providing autism services -- and in areas where autism professionals are abundant, many families can't afford them. Those autism families and adult autistics have needs that take precedence over panels and promises and research; they need help getting through the day, and they need it now.

Michelle and Barack Obama have spearheaded a campaign to encourage service. Millions of energetic and idealistic young adults want work but can't find jobs. Our president has said that he "...believes we must work to guarantee that Americans with ASD [autism spectrum disorder] can live independent and fully productive lives and to assure that their families understand and are able to support a loved one with ASD."

We would like to discuss taking those three factors and combining them into a nationwide organization dedicated to training volunteers to aid kids and adults with autism: an Autism Corps based on the Teach For America urgent action model, with the goal of providing autism families as well as adult autistics in need with between four and fourteen hours of weekly care.

Autism Corps workers could be trained to help individuals with autism gain skills and independence, and have recreation opportunities. They could give their families some sorely-needed respite. They could give adult autistics critically needed help with in-home tasks and provide a link to the larger community. They could make a real difference for families approaching a breaking point. And, like Teach for America alumni, Autism Corps volunteers could gain a permanent interest and investment in autism rights and issues, thereby continuing to raise awareness of autism needs in general.

We believe that an Autism Corps model is the best way to support all families affected by autism. If you agree, and you think Michelle Obama should meet with Shannon Des Roches Rosa, Jennifer Byde Myers, Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg and Lindsey Nebeker to discuss the matter, then please sign our petition. Thank you.

We, the undersigned, propose that Michelle Obama meet with Shannon Des Roches Rosa, Jennifer Byde Myers, Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg, and Lindsey Nebeker, representatives of the autism community, to discuss effective strategies for providing urgently needed direct assistance to overstressed autism families and individuals on the autism spectrum.

We believe that an Autism Corps, based on the Teach for America model, can supply trained volunteers to effect this assistance and provide four to fourteen weekly hours of one-to-one in-home support for people with autism.

We believe supporting adult autistics and autism families who have immediate needs for day-to-day assistance supersedes discussion of ongoing autism research and causation.

We believe in supporting measures that benefit all in-need children with autism, adult autistics, and autism families.

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