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There are many disadvantages with the current frame rates usually used for today's feature films, ie. 24 fps with 180 degree shutter.

These disadvantages are described in the following interview with Avatar director James Cameron:


The disadvantages of 24 frames per second production and current shutter speeds (eg. 180 degree shutters) used for most current cinema productions is it causes motion problems such as judder/strobing as well as poor temporal/motion resolution. The above article states that the judder/strobing effect stands out even more on 3D productions (eg. Avatar).

The motion artefacts of the low 24 fps frame rate, eg. strobing, also especially affects current consumer TVs (HDTVs) since they have a much higher spatial resolution and size than previously, but without there also being a similar increase in frame rates.

In the above article, it is recommended that frame rates are increased to 48 fps. This should practically solve the motion issues. However 48 fps (and particularly 48fps stereoscopic) is not a standard on any consumer media format such as DVD or Blu-ray.

For this reason, I think the best format would be 60 fps. It provides the highest quality motion of current formats, and unlike 48 fps and 50 fps, it is a format supported by TVs/HDTVs and media players such as Blu-ray in both the USA and Europe. 60 fps stereoscopic 3D playback is supported by the 3D extension to the Blu-ray format (ie. 720p60 stereoscopic). 60fps can also be more easily broadcast, unlike 24fps, which requires 3:2 pull-down (though 60 fps production would need to be converted to 50i/p for European broadcasts).

Shooting at this higher frame rate should not only lead to higher quality, better motion, better motion resolution and to overcoming the judder/strobing issues, it should also mean other productions will also be more likely to be shot this way, leading to more higher quality cinema productions in future.

We, the undersigned, request that the "Avatar 2" feature film please be made at 60 frames per second, stereoscopic.

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