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Diocese of Westminster
United Kingdom

St Josephs Social Club in Wembley, a lifeline to many in the local community, is being closed down next month by its landlords the Diocese of Westminster.

The social club has nearly 400 members, many of these are elderly members of the Irish community. The club is a place to meet up and socialize, without it, many who use it regularly will be cut off, leaving them to become vulnerable, increasingly isolated and alone.

The club, which has been opened for more then 42 years, has done a lot for the local community, not only directly by holding regular weekly events but also, through raising money for charity. It raised 2000 GBP just in February alone.

The club, which has been battling with the courts for the last year, lost their fight to stay at the premises, after Willesden Magistrates’ Court upheld the eviction notice served by the Diocese of Westminster.

The director of Brent Irish Advisory Service (BIAS), Mike McGing, told a local newspaper that, “St Joseph’s has been a lifeline for people, many of who are widowed or have health problems.

“Most are between 65 and 95-years-old and it gets them out the house and stops them getting depressed"

The social club will be a great loss to the community and must stay open!

We, the undersigned, call on Diocese of Westminster, to keep St Josephs Social Club opened for use by the community.

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