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Delray Beach City Commissioners
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Residents of Delray Beach:

A public meeting was held on February 22, 2023 at 6:00PM at the Delray Beach Golf Club, 2200 Highland Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33445 to gather public comments about the renovations and private/public partnership proposals. The overwhelming majority of residents in attendance voiced their concerns about further traffic congestion, population density, added pollution, and loss of green space. This concern is enhanced by the pending completion of the 292-unit apartment project on Atlantic Avenue & Congress Avenue blocks from Atlantic Community High School and the Golf Course and the lack of traffic studies before embarking on this project that would add in up to 650 units of multifamily housing.

A possible solution suggested by the voter-residents in attendance at the meeting was for City Commissioners to pause choosing ANY of the public-private partnership proposals to request the appropriate city departments to develop smaller-scale publicly funded proposals that the residents and the decision-maker could consider.

Please join your Delray Beach neighbors, especially those residing west of 95 near Atlantic Avenue, in asking our elected representatives, the City Commissioners, to request "public-funding-only proposals" to be developed and presented for consideration on the Delray Beach Golf Club Redevelopment Project, Solicitation No. RFP 2022-053.

By signing this petition before the March 2, 2023 City Commission meeting, you are asking our City Commissioners to hear their constituents' request of smaller-scale, publicly funded proposals for the golf course renovation that will preserve our green space, minimize our traffic issues, and limit our population growth along Atlantic Avenue and its surrounding communities. We respectively ask that the decision-makers allow time for traffic studies to be conducted and to assess possible unintended consequences of the growth that has already taken place. Lastly, we are asking to have time to learn about the new proposals prior to public meeting in order to be able to have meaningful input in our beloved Delray Beach community.

***In the comment section, please let the City Commissioners know which community you live in.***

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