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BBC's recent series "Cuffs" has been canceled after only series, despite the program offering authentic, carefully researched, and moving portraits of a diverse and compelling law enforcement unit.

Quality, character-driven dramatic series such as "Cuffs" fill an important place in BBC's programming and should not be abandoned or replaced with undo haste, particularly before they've had a chance to find their audience within the maelstrom of reality programming flooding the airwaves.

Give BBC's "Cuffs" more time and promotion to allow it to find this audience so that substantive, socially relevant yet entertaining dramas can be the backbone of the network's programming.

At a time when the role and powers of law enforcement is increasingly in the news, program such as "Cuffs" provide a vital venue in which to explore these issues.

In its first series, this show has already confronted a variety of controversial topics with sensitivity and insight, including drug use, suicide, domestic violence, terminal illness, LGBT concerns, and racial and ethnic issues in the community and in law enforcement.

We, the undersigned, ask that the BBC please renew "Cuffs" so that shows with sensitivity, relevance, and conscience remain at the heart of BBC programming.

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