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Renaming Field 1 at Weston Highschool Ash Baird Memorial Field
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We would like to get your support in naming Field 1 at the Weston High School Ash Baird Memorial Field. Ash Baird has been an inspiration to the Weston Community starting long before her cancer diagnosis. Ash had a contagious smile and an easy-going, passionate way of living that inspired so many. Through her uplifting attitude and life perspective she motivated everyone she met to find a happiness within themselves to match the happiness she so powerfully exuded. Ash shone on the soccer field and had an effervescent personality no-one could ignore. She shared with so many her unique gift for stripping life’s complications from sight, only to leave behind the wonder of each and every moment. During her time in Weston, Ash was relentlessly praised for her superior athleticism, and the many that were touched by her will remember her even more for her inspiring leadership, kindness, brazen authenticity and extraordinary friendship. Ash was passionate about spreading love through the beautiful game of soccer, and her skill paved the way for her to do that. We would like to continue her legacy and name her favorite place in Weston, Field 1, after her as a way to remind the community of the love we should have for each other and for life as we continue to learn from her example.

We encourage any and everyone in support of renaming Field 1 to Ash Baird Memorial Field to please sign below!

In addition to signatures, we are looking for as many people as possible to write something so we can be sure that everyone's voice is heard (ex: what it would mean to you to name Field 1 after Ash, what Ash meant to you, etc.). If you wish to contribute not on this site, please email maddie.perko@icloud.com or maryeh51@gmail.com.

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