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Approximately six years ago, Tyrell Lewis, established the first performing arts club available to all residents. The All S.(Striving) T.(Towards) A.(Awareness) R.(Resistance) Performing Arts Club has operated with minimal financial contributions (registration/ monthly fees) from parents. Recently, Mr. Lewis has been joined by Mr. Chasen Bynum and Ms. Patti Harris.

Collectively these professionally trained artists operate ASPAC and dedicate their time and talents to our Pleasantville children, without financial compensation or official recognition from local government, by helping to deter youth from detrimental behaviors and fostering self cultural expression via talents our youth are often not aware they possess. By encouraging one another our children inspire the best in themselves and each other. Parents also being inspired assimilate that vibrant, cohesive and healthy energy and emotionally translate that into community pride and local identity.

On a good day our children have had to endure acting and dancing on cold concrete floors or delegated to perform the last show of the season while competing for audience attention with a boxing ring. Confusion and lack of enthusiasm can leech into an impressionable child’s psyche when they realize they have been minimized by lack of planning or an event has not been advertised.

“You can define how strong (short sighted) a democracy is by how its (local) government treats….the child...”

This petition of taxpaying and voting residents therefore requests of our Mayor Jesse Tweedle and the City of Pleasantville the following:

Recognize the value of the ASPAC and initiate funding at realistic levels so that it may be available to all households of varied income and ethnic backgrounds.

Ensure adequate future funding is allocated for ASPAC or optimally grant the same consideration and funding the City of Pleasantville currently provides for basketball, weight lifting or boxing teams/ clubs.

Ensure strategic/ logistical support is given to ASPAC events, performances and practice session locations.

Please, sign the petition below and show your support for all our Pleasantville children and cultural assets. In addition to this e-petition a clipboard petition for hand-written signatures is also available. Please join the campaign today.

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