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Once again, the ASA board have placed their own interests above the interests of the athletes they are supposed to represent. By clinging to power at all costs and not cooperating with SASCOC, they have caused the suspension of ASA as a SASCOC member.

The full statement can be read on www.sascoc.co.za

This means that South African athletes will not be able to compete in the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games or All Africa Games. It may also have further repurcussions, as SASCOC are seeking to engage with the African Athletics Federation and the IAAF so that they will also suspend ASA. This means NO athletics whatsoever!

Consequently, the only way to rectify this situation is for the current ASA Board to resign with immediate effect.

We, the Athletes and Coaches of South Africa, demand that the Board of Athletics South Africa (ASA), being Leonard Chuene, Kakata Maponyane, Chris Britz, Thomas Manoko, Snowy Matthews, Lily Motete, Hendrik Mokganyetsi, Laraine Lane and Simon Dlamini resign their positions with immediate effect.

We further demand that our provinces call a Special General Meeting of ASA to elect a new Board.

Should the Board fail to resign within a week after receipt of this letter, we demand that our provinces call a Special General Meeting of ASA with the purpose of removing the current Board of ASA and electing a new board.

The Board is supposed to serve the interests of its members, the athletes, and the only way to do so now, would be to resign.

We further demand in agreement with SASCOC that Molatelo Malehopo (General Manager of ASA), Phiwe Mlangeni-Tsoletsani and Humile Bogatsu resign from their positions with immediate effect.

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