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Front range equestrian community
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In 2012, the equestrian center once known as Meridian Farms was donated to the city of Arvada with the vision of preserving the equestrian history of the community while keeping it under public ownership. The city of Arvada leased the facility to Sundance School of Riding who has operated their small riding school and summer camps since 2015. The terms of their lease stipulated that they would support public access to the facility for riding, but local equestrians have encountered consistent resistance for years. They do not offer boarding. This, along with the dramatic decrease in equestrian facilities in the area as developers buy up boarding facilities and build homes in their place, has created a desperate need for access to the dwindling facilities that remain for local equestrians. Preserving the equestrian lifestyle in Arvada provides an enriching quality of life for its residents, supports local equestrian related businesses, and maintains the unique charm and beauty of the community that sets it apart from typical urban sprawl.

It is time to better utilize the Arvada Indoor Equestrian Center to serve the horse community, fulfill its intended mission, and maximize its potential. Community Equestrian Arvada is a nonprofit organization formed in 2023 aiming to accomplish this mission. Community Equestrian has a plan to operate the Arvada Indoor Equestrian Center to accommodate three primary goals:
1. Open the 33-stall barn to boarding
2. Open the indoor area to public riding
3. Provide a riding school for non-horse owners
Details of the business plan for Community Equestrian Arvada can be found on the group Facebook page: Community Equestrian Arvada, and the website: Community Equestrian Arvada.

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