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The Pakistan National Council of the Arts

The National Art Gallery of Pakistan, Islamabad which is the largest, most significant art project for the Visual Art community in 6 decades is treatened by the following actions of the National Council of The Arts:

-Its name has been changed from the National Art Gallery to The Pakistan Center of Creative Arts.

- Its galleries dedicated to old masters have been handed over to be used as rehearsal rooms for performing arts.

-Very important office space for various departments needed to run a gallery efficiently have been handed over to performing art personnel.

-The auditorium designed for seminars and debates has been refurbished as a performing arts threatre.

These actions are illegal as the Performing Arts already has a 400 acre plot next to the National Art Gallery and instead of giving priority to building a custom build performing arts facility, a gross encroachment of the National Art Gallery is taking place.

The art community from Khyber to Karachi which includes painters, sculptors, printmakers, calligraphic artists, art critics, art historians, gallerists, art faculty and art students are very disturbed by these illegal and arbitarary actions against the National Art Gallery.

The Visual Art Community feels this will severely effect the functioning of the gallery which needs to operate freely to become a strong national institution.
The priority of the Pakistan National Council of the Arts should be to organize shows and display the National collection in all its galleries as promised to the visual arts community and hold its inauguration as soon as possible.

Please join the undersigned to convince the Pakistan National Council of The Arts to reconsider their decision and take the following steps without delay.

-To change the name back to THe National Art Gallery;

-To vacate all offices and galleries occupied by non-artists except for gallery staff and PNCA Gallery personnel;

-The galleries and offices must be given back to the National Art Gallery for their original purpose;

-The auditorium should be handed back to the National Art Gallery for programmes determined by the priorities of the Visual Art Community;

- to complete all its galleries and hire competent and dedicated staff to run them without further delay.

- inaugurate the National Art Gallery as soon as possible so it begin to play its role as the premier visual art insitution of the country.

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