#Law & Order
Honourable Jonathan DENIS, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

The Government of Alberta allows peace officers to supplement law enforcement services provided by local police agencies in order to ensure Alberta is one of the safest provinces in Canada.

On August 10th peace officer Rod Lazenby, a retired RCMP officer and current peace officer with the M.D. of Foothills, was attacked and fatally wounded while investigating an animal complaint near Priddis Alberta.

He did not have a firearm or a conducted energy weapon (TASER) to protect himself; Peace Officers may only carry equipment such as a baton and pepper spray which drastically limit use of force options.

Although the role of a peace officer is not to be confused with that of a police officer they are often tasked with enforcing the same laws and are required to do so with less defensive equipment and training provided to police officers.

If our government is asking peace officers to enforce the law, they need to give these officers the tools necessary to fully protect themselves and in turn all Albertans.

We, the citizens of Alberta, call on the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, the Honourable Jonathan DENIS to implement positive changes to the Peace Officer Program and allow all qualified and properly trained Peace Officers to carry firearms and conducted energy weapons during the performance of their duties.

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