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fans of Arctic Monkeys & event management companies

We, the undersigned, hereby state our utmost desire to bring Arctic Monkeys, the English indie rock band to come and perform here in Malaysia, with the support of any legally recognized event management company.

Hopefully, through this act,the ever growing fan base of Arctic Monkeys will get recognition from Arctic Monkeys themselves. Therefore, together with the support of the media, we would like to welcome all Arctic Monkeys fan out there, to join us in bringing this great band to Malaysia.

In addition, we hope that any event management company interested would do whatever it takes to bring Arctic Monkeys here, most importantly, with the legal procedures abiding to the laws in Malaysia. We hope that by this act,it would be sufficient to convince you that it will be profitable to both the company and the fans.

Disclaimer : This is not a guarantee for Arctic Monkeys participation in holding a concert here.

That being said,it is not a lost cause,as you have nothing to lose - all you have to do is click on the link and sign the petition online. This is win-win situation for everyone.

Join us and spread the word. Thank you. Cheers.

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