Ontario Minister of Health, Deb Matthews

The names on this petition support the funding of Zytiga for Ontario men who have castration-resistant prostate cancer (also known as CRPC, which is defined as prostate cancer that is resistant to medical or surgical treatments that lower testosterone) that has spread to other parts of the body (called metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, or mCRPC) and who have received chemotherapy with docetaxel.

Ontario is one of only two provinces not currently funding this life giving drug.

On behalf of all those in Ontario suffering with stage four prostate cancer, their families and friends, we would like to know what quantitative value you placed on the lives of these men?

What solutions for a proactive or reactive approach to fighting this form of cancer are you working on while you deny access to life saving drugs? Is not integrity measured by the consistency and honesty of ones words? In your “obsessively patient-centered” plan for 2012 many statements of the like are made.

By your decisions, men are discouraged in early detection, you provide no affordable or accessible screening tools and when a drug like Zytiga is discovered, you don’t support the current most recent best treatment option for the final stage! What do you support then?

This drug would give many men who are now on death row a chance to live for months, and others for years!! The systemic impact on families and loved ones will have positive impacts on the mental health system as approving Zytiga will improve the lives of so many people, not just those in need of it. The peripheral cost savings and betterment of global health of people in Ontario would be far reaching.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is time for the Ontario Ministry to correct this ghastly mistake! The men of Ontario and their families need Zytiga now! Each day you waste in consult about this, another man will die long before his time!

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