Ministry of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, Colombo
Sri Lanka

The Colombo Grand Mosque Moon Sighting Committee (GMSC) and All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU), in many occasions in the past including this year, 2018, repeatedly, fail to act sincerely in the case of guiding the Muslim community and purposely, fail to accept evidence-based information provided by many members of the Muslim community in moon sighting to decide on Islamic festival. It undoubtedly exhibits that those two organizations purposely or ignorantly act against the larger interest of the community and the guidance provided in the fundamental sources of Islam, Al Quran, and Al Hadeed. The community in the past was tolerant considering the unity in practicing the act. However, the increased awareness of the community against the act of splitting the community interests and creating a new conflict in this regard, this year, 2018 during the moor sighting process a vast number of people from many villages agitated against the act of those two organizations and are demanding a competent committee be appointed soon by the Ministry of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, Colombo.

We undersigned call on the Ministry of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs to appoint a new committee for the moon sighting and decision-making purpose on the Muslims' festivals. We propose the new committee should comprise competent personalities from the following organizations and institutions and should be given full authority on the matter. A constitution should be made for the purpose.
1. A competent officer from the Ministry of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs
2. One from All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU)
3. One from National Shoora Council (NSC)
4. One from Muslim Council of Sri Lanka
5. One from the lecture panel of the Jamiah Naleemiah, Beruwela
6, Two Muslim women professionals working in the field of Scientific Research
7. One Muslim or Non-Muslim attached to the Astronomical Association, Sri Lanka
8. Three Muslim Ph.D. or MSc holders in the field if Physics ( May be chosen from Sri Lankan Universities.)

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The Appoint a competent committee for moon sighting for Edul Fithr and Edul Alha Islamic festivals in Sri Lanka petition to Ministry of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, Colombo was written by Abdul Niyas Seeni Mohamed and is in the category Religion at GoPetition.