#Science & Technology
Apple Computer, Inc.

This petition aims to change Apple Computer's policy of excluding minors from Apple Developer Connection and Apple open-source development.

We view Apple Computer, Inc.'s exclusion of minors from:
a) contributing code to open source projects such as Darwin
b) possession of an ADC (Apple Developer Connection) account (even a Student or Online account)
... as unfair, and we would like to see this changed.
If Apple feels that there's any reason that minors should be limited in any way, at least they could, for example, ask the person's age, and if they're under 18, mail a physical contract to their home for a parent or legal guardian to sign.
We would like the right to contribute to Apple open-source projects and hold Apple Developer Connection accounts.
We think Apple should encourage, not exclude, young programmers. We are the future of the Mac platform; why not allow us to get an early start?

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