Petition and an Appeal to the Haitian Government

As Citizen of Haiti we need to appeal to the Government to change, the way they conduct businesses. The natural resources that are within the country must be Nationalize for the country, and the Haitian Citizens best interest. As Citizens we must demand the Government implement laws that can bring wealth to the country as a whole. As Citizens we need to let our voice be heard, not just for the president to do something, because he or she is just one person. We need to make sure those who are in office in each of the departments, find creative ways, to do the people and the country’s work.

Nationalize Haiti’s resources

The Government of Haiti must and need to national its resources, due to the fact it can be very beneficial for the country and its people. It does not matter if it is gold, bauxites, oil, or marbles, those type of resources can and will bring wealth to the country and its people. The Creole pig was a resource for many of our people. We need to learn from our past in order for Haiti to compete in this economic time. The Citizens of Haiti are its resources; the Government must create better institutions for its people. The private sector must be able to function within Haiti. We need scientists, engineers, and other professionals to study our homeland front and backyard. Our home have abundance of wealth Haiti is not poor by any stretch of our imagination. We are very intelligent people, very resourceful, we must demand our resources be Nationalize for a prosperous Haiti and its people and future.

As Citizens of Haiti we are appealing and petitioning to our Government
It is their duties to make Haitians and our beloved country better.

For example

Security for the citizens of Haiti and those abroad will bring Haitians back to the home front. Knowing we have quality, army, air force, and navy, will generate employment. Training the police they know, their jobs are to serve and protect the people the citizens of Haiti. Having better police on the streets of our country will help a great deal and it will changes and the psyche of our people. In order to do these types of changes in Haiti, money is needed.

Better infrastructures to the school, whether public or private, should be on demand. Find quality suitable teachers and professors to teach should be our demand. Haitian ideology must be the main curriculums, quality books, pen and pencils, recreations, quality food. With that type of formula we will create quality education.


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