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The emancipation of British F1 fans from the natural sleeping aid and mild irritant that is Jonathan Legard's commentary.

Every 200 signatures this be forwarded on to the BBC, 1000 signatures by the end of the season. Let's make it happen!

Dear BBC,

Many BBC viewers find themselves ON A CHARGE to press the Red Button for the alternative commentary because they are either falling a sleep or think they are listening to the 10.30 at Ascot. Even Martin Brundle is losing the will to live.

Legard bless him has tried his best and I'm sure he is a lovely man, however, being F1 commentator is not his calling.

We love the F1 forum and the nice shiny new features you give us as part of the F1 coverage. But as for the lead commentary, to quote the man himself,


Sorry mate, No.

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