Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry
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Just a few days ago Texas governor Rick Perry used an executive order that attacked the rights of parents in his state.

That executive order made it mandatory that all girls entering sixth grade be given the shot against cervical cancer.

1. Mandating a new vaccine is usually a much longer process, with vaccines being available for 5-10 years before they are made mandatory - for example, the chicken pox vaccine - so that the risks/effects of the particular vaccine can be better assessed.

2. It is strange that the state of Texas has chosen to do this, especially in light of the connection of Merck pharmaceuticals to government officials who took part in this legislation. This is the only vaccine they have mandated in recent history.

3. HPV (and many other STDs) can be prevented through the correct use of condoms.

Making this drug mandatory is not the way to go. That right should be the parents and the parents only if they want their girl to get the shot before she turns eighteen or not.

When a girl turns eighteen it is her right and her right only to decide if she wants to get the shot or not. Finally if Gov. Rick Perry does not act and overturn his order when this petition is given to him a new petition will be drafted calling for his impeachment.

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