UBI, Red Storm Entertainment, Punkbuster

Ghost Recon is overwhelmingly saturated with cheats, trainers, hacks, glitches and GR needs an anti-cheat. It has become common to trade theses secrets to close people, such as within a clan. Playing GR has become less entertaining then banging my head against the wall. It's obvious that there are cheaters out there, Punkbuster states on there website.

"If your favorite game does not yet have integrated PunkBuster™ Anti-Cheat technology available, let the game's developer and/or publisher know how important this issue is to you."

If we can get people to sign this petition, we can try to convince UBI that Ghost Recon needs to intergrate some sort of anti-cheat into Ghost Recon. Maybe ever intergrate Punkbuster into it.

1000 Signatures is on the horizon, we need less then 100 more signatures and we have the goal! Once we get 1000 signatures, we will forward all the signatures to UBI, Red Storm Entertainment, Punkbuster, Kidbuster,
and to anti-cheat communities.

I want an anti-cheat for Ghost Recon.

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