#Children's Rights
School District #1 Rock Springs Wyoming
United States of America

Recently a 5th grader at White Mountain Elementary drowned during a field trip to the Green River Recreation Center. She was a beautiful girl with a bright future. Her name was Paige.

She came to the pool with a life jacket which she wore.....until some kids made fun of her and she decided to take it off. She was then dared to jump off the diving board. Bullying is what caused her to choose to take off her life jacket.

If you are concerned with the bullying that is taking place at your kids school then please sign this.

We need as many people as possible to support this campaign so the school district will see that we will not put up with our kids being ridiculed at school anymore.

The concerned parents of School District #1 students demand you implement an anti-bullying program in all schools as soon as possible.

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